April 13, 2015

We’ve heard of mind-boggling art, but how about something that’s just wildly eye-boggling? That’s exactly what the latest artwork by Chinese paper-cut artist, Qiu Jia, is. Her intricate piece, her interpretation of eyewear, was created for “Faces by The Sartorialist”, a digital initiative that’s dedicated to style and fashionable eyewear. Basically, instead of full-length OOTDs, the site features close-up portraits of people sporting glasses.

Qiu is the only Chinese artist in this project launch by Luxottica. While paper cutting has rich origins in ancient China, Qiu’s style fuses Eastern aesthetic concepts with fashion and fairy tales. This time, “A Sight of Zen” is based on her favourite optical frame, the Ray-Ban Clubmaster, but with trees, ocean and a sky placed within the lens, all with a hint of chic asymmetry thrown in.

Says the artist: “The collaboration with Luxottica is very enjoyable! Optical glasses have become a must-have in my life, not only for clearer sight, but also a fashionable accessory. Moreover, in my mind, the optical frame is like a bridge to connect outside nature world with our inner mind. Glasses can give us a clearer world. With the optical lens, a clearer world is right before the eyes while the heart gets purified. That is my concept of this art piece.”

More on the artist, and a video of the art piece creation here: