April 6, 2015

We’ve loved a good number of IKEA’s collections, but trust us when we say we’re going crazy over this particular one. The ÖNSKEDRÖM (a Swedish word that translates into “pipe dream”) collection features the designs of the late legendary Swedish graphic artist Olle Eksell, specifically three different motifs of his: a little boy named Edward who loves horses; birds that are happy, birds that are sad, and birds that are hippies; and multicoloured matchsticks blown up to cover posters, pillows and rugs. Eksell’s designs add an irrepressible happiness to everyday household items such as bed linens, coasters and storage boxes, and are definitely the kinds of items that you’ll want to fill your dream home with. If these are the stuff of pipe dreams, then we don’t mind doing some wishful thinking now and again.

The IKEA ÖNSKEDRÖM collection, available in stores from this month. ikea.com/sg