April 16, 2015


In today’s rapidly-expanding world of “wholesome”, “good for you” beauty, terms like “organic”, “paraben-free”, and “botanical” are being thrown around so much, we almost feel like we need a dictionary to figure out exactly what contains what. But it can only be a good thing that brands are paying so much attention to consumers’ health and well-being, so we don’t have to worry about what exactly is seeping into our pores. Take this as in introduction to the wholesome skincare brands you need to get on your radar right now. By Amelia Tan and Tami Lai

1. Good Enough To Eat

All the delicious things you’d put into your mouth are being made into things that are good for your skin too.

  • Frank: Aussie native Frank wants you to get dirty in the shower with their coffee-based body scrubs
  • Lush: They believe in making their products from organic fruits and vegetables, by hand, and invent their own fragrances as well
  • Scrubidoo: Two Singaporean friends decided to start making body scrubs by hand using all-natural, vegan ingredients
  • Katfood: Another homegrown beauty start-up with organic recipes, with a line of face, body and hair products

2. Beauty  And The Geek

Definitely a winning pairing here. Beyond just beauty, these brands prove they have the science smarts to boldly bring skincare to new frontiers. Beam us up already!

  • Aesop: The cult skincare brand from Melbourne looks good, while celebrating their craft of fusing both plant-based and lab ingredients
  • REN: Far more generous than putting an “organic” tag, REN uses what they term “clean” products, all skin-friendly alternatives
  • Grown Alchemist: It’s in the area of all-natural, botanical science that the Australian-based brand wields its power
  • TATCHA: Beauty secrets that contain the graceful rituals of Japanese geishas – along with a nice blend of modern techniques

3. The Korean Wave

No surprise that the Koreans, dominators of the beauty industry, have mastered the art of harnessing the power of plants to make super-efficacious skincare.

  • innisfree: They’re dedicated to using natural ingredients harvested from Korea’s Jeju Island
  • Heynature: Their niche is combining natural ingredients native to Asia, with dermatological formulas
  • Goodal: The Amazonian rainforest is where the magic’s at – the brand harnesses the power of plant seeds
  • belif: Inspired by a Scottish man’s herb-processing methods, they’ve since embraced their own brand of products with the most effective herbs

4. Into The Woods

No dark fantasies here. Venture into a far more delightful world of all-natural botanical ingredients, all sourced from the best, most unique places around the globe.

  • Blissoma: Your skin will feel happier knowing that this Missouri-based brand is inspired by the healing properties of plants
  • Mandy T: The local brand is a flea market staple, thanks to the handcrafted, artisanal range of body care products
  • Neal’s Yard Remedies: even 30 years ago, they were among the rare advocates of quality, natural ingredients from the best places
  • Yves Rocher: They harvest their own organically-grown plants, extract the best, and even handle distribution

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