April 23, 2015

Serious gamers probably shed a tear at the end of the extremely life-like The Last Of Us, and you needn’t look further than the Oculus Rift for a sci-fi dream that’ stunningly real. Sure, gaming technology has levelled up in recent years, and yet, somehow, we’re still glued to those tiny, mobile screens in front of us. If Flappy Bird and Candy Crush are any indication, mobile games certainly have massive appeal.

Sophisticated motion capture? Nah, these games are all about cute animation and intuitive gameplay. And if we’re totally honest, these epic time-wasters are satisfyingly addictive. Basically, it’s like having an exciting entourage of arcade games at your fingertips – if that’s the case, then LINE has our full attention. The messenger app has successfully integrated these games into their family of applications, since 2012, with an outstanding 470 million downloads across all the titles. Some of them contain beloved LINE original characters, while thankfully, all of them are free for download.

Games like LINE Pop, LINE Pokopang and LINE Puzzle Bobble are as popular as they are instantly familiar. These are puzzle games where you either have to link three or more identical characters in a row, or burst them by firing coloured bubbles into those same combinations. LINE Stage reminds us of the Para Para dance machines that were all the rage 10 years ago; you select a song, and tap or click each musical note according to the rhythm, with points awarded for accuracy. Then, there are the more active games, like LINE Cookie Run and LINE Rangers – the former requires you to collect items by jumping and sliding, while the latter has over 150 characters you can choose to battle an alien army.

LINE Get Rich seems to be doing well in the competitive app market too. It’s real-time monopoly, where you can compete individually or play on two-a-side teams to own properties or bankrupt your opponents.

“LINE Get Rich has a universal appeal due to its real-time competition game play and its ability to create special and fun bonding moments among families and friends. The response from Singaporean players thus far has been encouraging since they can enjoy the old board game the used to play back in their childhood on mobile now,” said Mr. Simeon Cho, General Manager of LINE Business Development Division, LINE PLUS Corporation.

Okay, you get the draw now. They’re fun, easy and don’t discriminate – everyone rom your five-year-old cousin to your grandmother can get on board. Guess it’s time to get your fingers moving. Game on!

The LINE mobile games are available for download on iTunes or Android.