April 16, 2015

Given the choice, we’re the kind of people who always default to black. After all, it’s a whole lot of paradox in one – classy, spunky, safe, tough, tame, wild – the sort of shade that puts Audrey Hepburn and Siouxsie Sioux on the same side. We might change our minds. The latest Bershka catalogue, #GetWild, comes with prints, textures, and 70s details, taking us right out of our comfort zones… and somehow, we’re not complaining.

Palazzo pants, billowy sleeves, ivory crochet and ethnic mosaic styles make a comeback, but are paired with khaki greens, pinstripes and stonewashed shorts. It’s these little urban details that puts the collection slightly above the “bohemian-inspired” tag. That, and a smart palette of warm, natural shades. Dare we stray away from black? Possibly, but only in our wildest dreams.

Bershka Spring/Summer 2015 collection, priced from $7.90 to $299. Available at all Bershka stores, including ION Orchard, #B2-09/10/11. bershka.com

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