April 16, 2015

We all know of Superman’s. He was born Kal-El on planet Krypton, before narrowly escaping its destruction, crash landing on Earth, and then raised by the most unassuming farmer and wife. Pretty one-in-a-million shot at survival, and a great story to tell at dinner parties. And while we’re usually all praises for the hero’s good “moral fibre”, here’s another piece of natural fibre that deserves mention as well – not made of steel, but also known for its resilience: linen.

Oh and it has a pretty good origin story too, or, at least the one from Muji does. Discovered over thousands of years ago, linen is supposedly the oldest fibre used by human beings due to its ability to withstand wear and tear. As if that’s not super enough, Muji takes it one step further. Out of all the types available, Muji sources for the best good-quality flax from the Flanders district, said to feel extra-soft when worn. The fabric is then woven into all sorts of garments, including tunics, jackets, dresses and shirts, in relaxed fits that suit some breezy time under the sun. Never mind spandex, we’ll stick to linen for now.

Muji Linen collection, priced from $39 to $99. Available at all Muji stores, including Marina Square, #02-326. You may also shop online at their newly-launched e-commerce site, at muji.com/sg.