April 6, 2015

Whether you’re modestly or well-endowed, no one likes an under-wired bra. You get the lift you need, but sans comfort – wires digging into the skin are a no-no for sure. Enter Triumph’s “Magic Wire” bras that give the full support of under-wired bras, MINUS the uncomfortable feeling of hard wires on skin. All you’ll feel is the softest, smoothest fabric.

What’s this Magic Wire, then? They’re actually soft shields contained within the the bra cups, offering full support in maximum comfort. These non-intrusive built-in supports are not only comfy, but subtle – you won’t see them under the tightest clothing. With the latest flat-edge technology, the cup edges are tapered to meld to the body seamlessly.

Magic Wire is part of Triumph’s superb Magic Cleavage Collection, an exclusively selected assortment of its best-ever cleavage stars including the new Magic Wire, the ever-popular Soft Cushion and Aqua, the natural enhancer. Available in an array of colours from pastels to midnight hues, these cleavage enhancing bras are fresh, fun, and definitely uplifting.

Triumph’s Magic Cleavage collection is available now at all Triumph outlets. Prices range from $29.90 for underwear to $99.90 for a maximizer bra.