April 23, 2015

The Smiths, the Kardashians, the Coppolas, the Osbournes. We might disagree on their talent or likability, but they still have one thing in common. Up-and-coming, down and out, they’re inseparable. A family. And you know what they say about blood dies and all that. So it’s easy to se why LINE, originally just a messenger app, chose the word “family” to describe their extensive range of mobile services. Each app has its own appeal and audience, its own success, but always connects back to the brand’s core design – to make our everyday lives invariably more exciting, in as many ways possible.

Some people may be intimidated by variety. As for us, we get way too excited for our own good. The more the merrier, so it goes. So when LINE presents us with their array of mobile apps, we’re all for expressing our freedom of choice. Whether they’re intuitive games, camera apps that take the perfect selfies, or a way to talk to your group of friends, there’s bound to be something that pleases you.

A particular favourite since its launch last March, LINE DECO has recently surpassed 20 million downloads, after also earning the top spot in the App Store in nine countries around the world, including Singapore. The app taps into the idea of customising our phones, through smartphone wallpapers and icons, which are all readily available and for easy download. You could choose to furnish your background with LINE characters, illustrations or photographs, whatever it is, there are over 10,000 items available, with new items added weekly. There are even clock and calendars, and the app comes with a smart recommendation feature that suggests things you might like.

As for the beloved LINE characters, which you might already know by name (Brown, Cony, Sally, Leonard, James and Jessica, for the uninitiated), their appeal has been recognised by two prestigious licensing awards in Hong Kong, the LIMA Asian Licensing Awards and Asian Licensing Awards (ALA). Not bad for what started out as shareable stickers. Now, the characters are all over clothing, stationery and household products – an impressive 3,300 items at least – and these are sold at either permanent stores in South Korea and Taiwan, or pop-up stores around the world.

The LINE family apps are available for download on iTunes and Android. line.me