May 4, 2015

There are a few daily luxuries we afford ourselves — an iPhone that’s really a mini computer, a fancy point-and-shoot camera that performs better than we need, a hair mist for after-lunch spritzes (who really needs a hair mist?)… And of course that one It bag in our wardrobe that we spent the entire month’s salary on, but we carry day after day after day. Well, there was the bag, and now Chanel has a range of fine jewellery that is the perfect addition to our ever-growing list of daily want-to-haves… it’s called, Chanel Coco Crush. The simple collection of solid gold rings comes in three sizes — small, medium, and large — and two hues (white and yellow gold). If you’re really looking for an investment piece, there’s also a wrist cuff literally worth its weight (and price) in gold. The design of these pieces take their cue from the Chanel Matelasse (quilting) — a style that is iconic to the brand; the result is elegant, modern, yet timeless; these are crushes that will grow up with you, yet won’t grow old. And while few of us can afford to layer the rings like only a billionairess blogger can, we can still save towards that one ring we know will rule them all. Photos and text by Adele Chan.

The Chanel Coco Crush collection:
“Coco Crush” Ring in 18K Yellow Gold, Small, $2,940
“Coco Crush” Ring in 18K White Gold, Small, $3,080
“Coco Crush” Ring in 18K Yellow Gold, Medium, $4,100
“Coco Crush” Ring in 18K White Gold, Medium, $4,250
“Coco Crush” Ring in 18K Yellow Gold, Large, $4,840
“Coco Crush” Cuff in 18K Yellow Gold, $28,310

Available from May at Chanel Fine Jewellery stores.