May 14, 2015

Cute workout outfit, check. Snazzy running shoes, check. Stylish activity tracker strapped around your wrist, check. Now all you need to complete your regular run around the neighbourhood is something to get people out of your way as you pound the streets. Yes, this is a thing now – finally, someone has thought of a product to politely alert those pesky slow-walking, sidewalk-obstructing pedestrians to stop blocking your path, in the form of a tiny bell on a wearable ring called Runbell.

Runbell is currently already into version 2, and the upgrade is in the quality of the bell: 2.0 gives a louder, more musical ring so the people that are in your way will be sure to get the message loud and clear that they need to clear the path, stat. Also, the bell striker has been made stiffer so it’s easier to activate and produces a louder ring. How it works is: the striker can be pulled or pushed – pulling produces a louder sound, while pushing produces a quicker sound.

The design is stylish enough that it will fit right in with your accessory collection, in gold or copper colour options and featuring a brass bell on an aluminium grip, with brass electroplating finish in places (zero nickel and lead, so no worries about allergies). It comes in men and women’s sizes, each designed to be slightly oversized and can be easily adjustable using the two pairs of silicone inserts inside the ring.

Since most people instinctively react to anything sounding like a bicycle bell by stepping out of the way, the Runbell is a godsend for any runner. We might just wear it every day, and use it to get those annoying slow walkers to clear the path – see this video to get what we mean.


Runbell, $39 each excluding local delivery charges. For orders or enquiries, contact exclusive distributor Alfred Tang at or call 9684 4244.