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May 20, 2015

The trusty LANEIGE Water Sleeping Pack has long been a mainstay of our nighttime skincare routine. This year, this iconic product gets a major upgrade and even a name change, going further to let us wake up with skin that looks well-rested, even if it was far from a good night of sleep. And there’s no better place to discover the new Water Sleeping Mask than at the LANEIGE Global Beauty Camp in Seoul, the epitome of a city that never sleeps. By Tami Lai


When in Seoul, sleep should be the last thing on your mind. After all, the city is an insomniac’s wonderland, with the streets buzzing long after midnight as shops and restaurants close as late (or early, depending on how you see it) as the clubs do.

So we really can’t think of a more appropriate city to give LANEIGE’s new Water Sleeping Mask a test run – and that’s exactly what we did at the annual LANEIGE Global Beauty Camp. This year’s edition saw activities like late-night shopping at Dongdaemun, followed by a Sleepless Night Party the subsequent night, where there were hallyu star sightings aplenty. With an itinerary like that and big-name celebs (and LANEIGE ambassadors) like Song Hye Kyo and Song Jae-Lim to ogle, we’d go so far as to say sleep is for the weak.

But while we’re adept at surviving on much less than the recommended eight hours of sleep (we maintain eight hours is a luxury), our skin begs to differ. It’s common knowledge that insufficient rest is a big reason behind waking up with skin that’s drier and duller, attracting questions like, “What time did you sleep last night?”

And that’s where the Water Sleeping Mask comes in. If you’re thinking that the product name is somewhat comfortingly familiar, you thought right: this is the latest, greatest version of the brand’s famed Water Sleeping Pack, which really needs no introduction. The whole idea of the Sleeping Mask is to let you wake up with the clear, radiant and moisturised skin that says, “Yes, I got my eight hours of sleep and I’m ready to take on the world” – even if, in reality, it was closer to four hours, no thanks to last night’s Korean drama marathon.

Since they’ve been making Water Sleeping Packs since 2002, more than a decade of research has led to some seriously upgraded technology in the Water Sleeping Mask. Firstly, the mask’s ability to “purify” the skin, i.e. repair the damage caused by external factors, through the SLEEP-TOX™ technology. LANEIGE’s researchers have gone so far as to study the genes that control detoxification and skin purification, and paired the Hunza apricot extract, an existing ingredient also found in the Water Sleeping Pack, with the evening primrose extract for the synergistic relationship the two have in targeting both genes, thus repairing the skin overnight.

Next, the formation of a porous layer over the skin known as the MOISTURE WRAP™. It’s basically a mineral network made of the beta-glucan polymer, and as the brand’s Principal R&D Researcher Ms Kwon Lee Kyoung explains to us: “In the beta-glucan network, there is a great amount of moisture that is locked into it already. So basically you should think of this porous film as something that continuously gives your skin the moisture that it needs over a long period of time. If it’s non-porous, this means that everything is sealed, and the bad stuff like the toxins cannot get out.”

And lastly, the Sleepscent™, the familiar soothing fragrance that is also a hallmark of previous versions of the product, meant to gently lull you into sweet sleep with its aromatherapy properties. The orange flower, rose, ylang ylang and sandalwood oil work by prolonging the stages of “deep sleep” and reducing body movement. By the way, they’ve even thought to introduce the Lip Sleeping Mask at the same time, with the same MOISTURE WRAP™ technology and eight types of berries, just so your lips get the same kind of TLC through the night.

So with the Water Sleeping Mask by our bedside, over the trip we could have the peace of mind to take in the sights, sounds and smells of Seoul late into the night, and even sneak in a movie back in our hotel room after. But it’s really when we have to face the realities of daily life back in Singapore, that we know the mask will come in extremely handy for the days following long nights spent working, or tossing and turning in bed. As Ms Kayla Jeong, Senior Vice President of the AMOREPACIFIC Corporation’s LANEIGE Division succinctly puts it: “Even though you’re not as well-rested, it has the effect of well-rested skin.”

While we don’t advocate consistently not getting enough rest, we’re as aware as the next person how elusive quality time with our bed can be. As they say, “fake it till you make it” – so until the next long weekend and an opportunity to sleep in comes around, with the Water Sleeping Mask, our skin will be fooling the world that we’re in bed by 10pm every night.


LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask, $42, and Lip Sleeping Mask, $27. Available at all LANEIGE counters and boutiques from 7 May. 


How To Use The Water Sleeping Mask

There’s no hard and fast rule, as long as you slather it on before hitting the sack. But Ms Kwon Lee Kyoung, Principal R&D Researcher, has these tips to offer:

  • Use it three nights a week

While that’s the optimal number that Ms Kwon suggests, go ahead and use it every night if you wish. The formulation is light enough, unlike other traditionally heavier night moisturisers. “For other packs, basically their role is to create a seal over your skin. But the Water Sleeping Mask actually creates a breathing film over your skin,” she explains.

  • Apply it multiple times a night

“For me, what I do is I apply it, and then again about 30 minutes later, right before I go to sleep. So I always leave it right next to the bed,” says Ms Kwon. She’s the expert, so we’re taking notes.

  • Layer your other skincare products underneath

The Water Sleeping Mask’s beta-glucan mineral network locks the moisture into your skin, so your other hydrating products like night creams should go on before it.


Since 2002, LANEIGE’s most iconic product has seen four different versions and 16 million units sold over the world. Here’s a look at the Water Sleeping Packs over the years.

2002: Water Sleeping Pack

The first “Sleeping Pack” to be launched. The main ingredient, BIO HE, was the source of the strong moisturising effect of the product.

 2005: Water Sleeping Pack Plus

An improvement of the original Water Sleeping Pack, now with a Vitamin E derivative and enzyme extract to boost skin elasticity and vitality.

2009: Water Sleeping Pack_EX

This version maintains moisture levels in the skin for nine hours, compared to four hours previously. Beta-glucan, Hunza apricot and the Sleepscent™ technology were added, boosting the product’s moisturising and brightening abilities and adding the ability to improve sleep quality.

2015: Water Sleeping Mask

Renaming of the product to the “Water Sleeping Mask”, with the addition of new technologies such as the SLEEP-TOX™ and MOISTURE WRAP™.