May 25, 2015

Not only are fashion brands helping us pick out the most stylish clothes, now they are putting together playlists to give us their picks of their favourite music to match our outfits. Brands like Superdry, Victoria’s Secret, Emporio Armani, Nasty Gal, and several more have amped it up with mobile music applications SoundCloud and Spotify to put us in the mood.

Superdry Sounds (SoundCloud)

Since 2015, Superdry has been releasing two to three playlists per month, with an average of 20 tracks each. You will find independent and upcoming artists in these playlists as Superdry dedicates itself to providing a platform for emerging musicians. These playlists are also aired across all Superdry Stores to jazz up your shopping experience.

Madewell (Spotify)

Madewell has employed a similar approach to Superdry by airing their playlists in stores. From now until 28 June, the tomboyish brand will be playing music by three emerging female artists, and will also be organising exclusive live performances in New York and Los Angeles.

Nasty Gal (Spotify)

The edgy brand frequently uploads interviews with musicians and DJs who suit their style. Get a taste of each celebrity’s go-to jams through the playlists that accompany each interview, curated by the celebrities themselves. Click the link to listen to ‘The Sounds of Fall/Winter London Fashion Week 2015’.

Victoria’s Secret (Spotify)

To help us mere mortals unleash our inner angels, Victoria’s Secret has been pinning up playlists for our beach trips, workout sessions, and festival seasons. Check out all the songs from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows from 2001-2014 in their ‘Rock the Runway’ playlist by clicking the link above. For their latest festival playlist, click here.