June 2, 2015

I’m just gonna say it… damn that one USB-C port. I’ve had the MacBook for two days now and the plugging in and out of the power plug to use the port for something else is annoying. Of course we all need a hub. And a card reader. And an adapter. So here are my top 10 accessories.

By Adele Chan 

1. Mujjo Sleeve for the 12” MacBook


This sleeve will cradle your new MacBook in soft, thick felt. There’s a vegetable-tanned leather flap with one snap button, and separate storage on the inside for documents and other accessories. What you don’t see are the internal slots for credit cards and an SD card. This case serves its purpose, and it just looks so good.

Approx. €50, available mid-June in black and tan.


2. SanDisk Dual USB Drive Type-C


Before you even bring home the MacBook 12-inch, buy this first. It will bring your blood pressure down. You can easily save info from any other Mac or PC to transfer to the new MacBook. One side is USB 3.0 enabled, and backward compatible with USB 2.0 ports, and the other side is USB-C. No drivers needed, two-year warranty, and 32GB worth of space!

$99, available at Challenger, EpiCentre, and iStudio.


3. Apple USB-C to USB Adapter


Apple leaves you little choice — you have to buy this adapter in order to function sanely. With it, you can connect your external disk drive, iPhone, SuperDrive, and any other USB peripheral you own to the MacBook.

$28, from the Apple Store.


4. Hub+ for USB-C


This “hub” includes three USB-A ports and one SD card reader that solves all our connection problems. Even better, there’s a USB-C port to connect the hub to a power source, meaning it can also charge the Mac at the same time, AND it charges itself up too — when unplugged, it’s a portable battery pack! But here’s the kicker: it’s on Kickstarter. There’s still about two weeks to go to back the project if you want it by July.

Regular price $99, not available for retail sale yet.


5. Bluelounge Portiko


If you just need to charge multiple devices at a time, the Bluelounge Portiko is available online now. It’s a six-foot extension cord with two outlets and two USB ports. Only thing is that the outlets are compatible with US sockets only.

US$24.95, from bluelounge.com, available in white and blue.


6. Kanex USB-C cables


There’s still no news of a USB-C to lightning cable from Apple, but Kanex seems to have everything else. I expect our immediate needs would be an adapter for VGA, HDMI and Micro USB. Yai to connecting our cameras and Androids directly!

US$19.95 to US$39.95 from Kanex.com.


7. Anker USB-C to Lightning cable


As reported on 9to5Mac, Anker has the first and only USB-C to Lightning cable that has been announced, though its pricing and availability isn’t part of that announcement.

Price TBC, ianker.com.


8. PlugBug World


Here’s a simple solution to charging both your MacBook and iPhone at the same time. One port? No hub? No problem. The PlugBug World is a wall charger that attaches to — and converts by piggybacking onto — your existing MacBook power adapter, giving you two ports packed with 2.1-Amp of charging power (that can charge your iPad up to four times faster than the MacBook can). It’s a tad bit bulky, but the shade of red is fabulous. Looks like the Singapore flag.

US$44.99, from TwelveSouth.com.


9. Google Universal Type-C Charger


If you need a spare charger to leave at home or in the office, this one has 60W; Apple’s version in the box has 29W. Obviously, Google.

US$59.99, at the Google Store (currently only available in US).


10. Lacie Porsche Design Mobile Drive with USB-C Reversible Connector


This is the first and certainly not the last external hard disk with a USB-C connector. It’s worth getting if you’re willing to pay the premium price (that comes with all Lacies) for speed, because USB-C offers far quicker data transfer rates (Type-C is compatible with up to 10Gbps!). Also it’s hard to argue with Porsche Design.

Price TBC, available next quarter in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB capacities.


  • Has anybody tried the Google 60 watt power adapter with the new MacBook 12? Is that safe? Will it work well?