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June 26, 2015

With Instagram’s recent update that allows you to discover current events happening, it’s still a love-hate relationship with the social media app. Today we’re dishing our beef with Instagram. Here’s what we wish Instagram could do:

1. Fast user-switching

Co-founder of Instagram Kevin Systrom said he wants to focus on beating Twitter. But here’s where he’s losing out – unlike Twitter, you can’t switch between accounts on Instagram, which means we need to remember multiple passwords. How annoying. #firstworldproblems.

And why do we need more than one account? Well, managing a work account (hello @nylonsg), a separate account that is locked, having multiple personalities…


2. Clickable links in comments and captions

How are we going to share that cute video of cats snuggling together?!

3. Copying text

With links without hyperlinks and texts that can’t be highlighted or selected, we are down to (the oh-so-dreaded) memorisation.

4. Easier formatting for captions and bio

Those damn spaces. If only we didn’t need to open the Notes app to create paragraphs and spaces in a description, then copy and paste that into our bio.

File 26-6-15 2 44 32 pm

5. Toggling between pausing and playing Instavideos, and muting and unmuting

It would be great if we didn’t suffer a panic attack every time we tried to pause an Instavideo and the sound blasted on. This would be followed by several awkward seconds of tapping confusedly at the screen to make it stop, and accidentally liking it.

6. Reply function

Instagram, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do with Facebook. The reply-function below each comment is technology doing it right.



7. Only playing videos on WiFi (Instagram sneakily removed this function)

Another awkward sudden sound-induced panic attack.

8. Video-stitching

But, we have so many videos to stitch together to make a perfect 15-second video. Why do you only allow us to stitch using the Instagram cam!? :'(

9. Adding music to videos 

We want to save our viewers the pain of listening to fuzzy road noise and our less-than-pleasant voices and overlay nice music on our videos – but nope…



10. Tagging people in videos 

People appear in videos too, right?

File 26-6-15 2 03 43 pm

11.  Scheduled uploading

To do everyone a favour and spread out a spam of photos. We know Instagram is supposed to be instant, but, you know? Why have to pick up your phone at a certain hour when you can plan ahead and have the app upload for you?

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 10.13.19 am

12. Web uploading

Just because photos go to our computers too. And let’s face it – our Instagram photos are hardly instant. They go through endless hours of filtering, sitting in our albums and captioning (which takes forever) before making it to the actual feed. #truthtea

13. Remove the limit on tagging. Limit hashtags instead.

There have been too many #bad #experiences of typing the #names all the people who’ve #commented on a #photo just to come to a halt when #Instagram says it can’t #publish the comment. Dear #Instagram, please replace the @mention limitation with a curb on #hashtags, for the #good #of #humanity.


14. In-app regramming

It’s a community kind of app. Why can’t we regram other people’s photos without third-party apps?!

15. Endless scrolling

Have you ever been off social media for so long that when you’re catching up you reach a point when Instagram can’t load anything anymore? We have. #sorrynotsorry