June 15, 2015

Here in Singapore it’s summer all year round, but lately the weather’s been exceptionally unforgiving and so our summer dreams end up like Danny and Sandy’s in Grease – “ripped at the seams”. Once we step out into the sun, all we want to do is rip off our sleeves and slip into comfy flip flops. Layers are out of the question and looking chic becomes puzzling with limited options that allow comfort. With this in mind, we’ve put together our top tips to look stylish and keep cool at the same time.

1. Opt for linen

Linen is great for absorbing skin moisture and releasing it into the air, keeping you feeling fresh. Muji’s linen collection offers collared shirts, boat-neck dresses and blouses, light cardigans and pants that allow maximum comfort while keeping you looking smart. Uniqlo also offers long-sleeved linen shirts to look sharp while facilitating some ventilation.


Left to right: Dress ($59), jacket ($89), shirt ($59) all from Muji. Muji linen pieces are priced from $54 and are available at all Muji outlets and online. The Uniqlo Linen Collection, priced from $14.90, is available at all Uniqlo outlets and online.

2. Wear tops with built in bras for one less layer

Speaking of Uniqlo, their AIRism line has done us all a favour by removing the need to wear a bra, even when exercising. Cut down on one layer and let your chest breathe a little. On top of that (though you need nothing to top off your AIRism), it removes perspiration and is super stretchy, taking you conveniently from your lunch date to your yoga session.

AIRism Bra Camisole_135064-10_$29.90 AIRism Bra Camisole_135064-53_$29.90 AIRism Strappy Racerback Bra Camisole_152383-52_$29.90

Uniqlo AIRism tops ($29.90) are available at all Uniqlo outlets and online.

3. Be sun-ready in a swim top

You may get cold feet before leaving the house for town in a swim top, but the right styling will do the trick. Swimwear is lightweight and will leave you feeling free to move about. Choose a swim top with a longer torso or a thick halter band for more coverage and pair it with high-waisted jeans for a 90’s vibe or culottes for a dressier look. You could also wear a psychedelic full suit with mom jeans over for a retro vibe.

                                                               532880_in_xl                  southbeachofficial_13198301058853166

Left to right: DUSKII Bustier Top ($144.40) from, South Beach Official Bikini Top (£14.00) from

4. A Hair Affair

For the muslim girls out there who wear a hijab, instead of an underscarf, use a headband or hairspray to keep those stubborn baby hairs back. Top it off with an opaque hijab, (cotton or polyester should do the trick) to keep your hair from showing. Make sure you secure the headband with some bobby pins.

                                                            61H21HBLK_large               Liese Super Hard Hair Spray

Topshop Printed Headband ($16.90) is available at Topshop outlets and online. Liese Super Hard Hair Spray ($9.90) is available at Watsons stores. Opaque Hijabs are available at Zalora from $35 and Pearl Daisy from £3.99.

5. Use a cross-body bag

Nobody likes a shoulder bag covered in perspiration from being held under the armpit. Instead, use a cross-body bag that allows you to move your arms freely (and air those pits – we all know that friction).

                                     508333_in_xl             570856_in_xl                      571962_in_xl

Left to right: Tory Burch Kira Bag ($470), Tamara Mellon Charisma Bag, ($1,559.76), Proenza Schouler Elliot Bag ($1,384), all available at

6. Holey Moley

Clothes with holes in them may not make the cut into everyone’s closet, but there’s always different styles of cut-outs, mesh and open-weave knits to suit different preferences. No more feeling trapped in your clothes because these styles will make your day a breeze.

                                                  13M03HKHA_large           14P04HRST_large           36P02GTNG_large

From left to right: Embroidered Cut-Out Tee ($89.90), Cut-Out Tribal Print Playsuit ($79.90), Cut-Out Playsuit ($89.90), all available at Topshop outlets and online

7. A bra-liner is your breast friend

Oh that dreaded under-boob and cleavage sweat stain. Gets pretty awkward, doesn’t it? Like, oh, here are my dry boobs in a moat. The worst thing is you can’t sit down and hide it like a butt sweat stain. And in comes the bra liner, a nifty layer tucked between your skin and bra underwire to absorb all that excess moisture.

                                    5549           5551

The Moisture-Wicking Bra Liner is priced at $26.88 and is available