June 30, 2015

Sort of.

Rihanna’s on fire with marketing her latest single “B*tch Better Have My Money”. Remember that iHeartRadio Music Awards performance earlier this year?


Yeah, she stepped out of that helicopter like the gangstress that she is, screaming out “B*tch Better Have My Money”. I mean, look at her all decked out in Versace (that coat, those boots, omg).


And then she scared the bejesus out of Jimmy Kimmel right at his own home. Of course, it was an April Fool’s prank.


She also gave us an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making and recording of the track – shot at Jungle City Studios in New York – with cameo appearances by Travi$ Scott.


She may not have performed at this year’s BET Awards, but she still found ways to showcase her bad-assery.


Like when Floyd Mayweather’s incessant talking annoyed her. So she duct taped his mouth.


But she also gave us a teaser of what her video for “B*tch Better Have My Money” will look like.


So after cutting from a scene where a wealthy all dressed in white with her dog is getting ready to leave, we see a somewhat pissed off RiRi pulling up in a driveway.


Although she seems like she’s a little off her meds, she still manages to pull a fabulous hair flip.


Oh, and here’s the said lady in white about to leave for, probably a dinner or something. She has no idea what’s coming.


Now why on Earth would you get in the same elevator with someone who looks like she’s about to kill someone?!


And BOOM. We can only guess that she’s in that trunk, probably because she’s that “b*tch” that RiRi keeps screaming about to return her money. By the way, she really did drunk adopt a dog after a night of partying…….


And then she clumsily drags the case out of the elevator. Why couldn’t you have gotten one that had wheels?!

We’ll know what exactly happened once the full video drops tomorrow. Hopefully it doesn’t get an exclusive release on Tidal. But if it does, we’ll be all over it.

Featured Image Courtesy: Universal Music Singapore