June 9, 2015

This is one monumental set of beauty items. As our 50th National Day draws closer and the nation ramps up the celebrations, Kiehl’s is celebrating our jubilee year in a pretty special way – with a project aimed at supporting the preservation of Singapore’s national monuments.

“A Celebration of Our Heritage” was launched by Kiehl’s to help support the preservation of national monuments that have been gazetted under the Preservation of Monuments Act of Singapore, a list that includes the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, Sultan Mosque, and the Sri Mariamman Temple. This month, the brand has launched a limited edition set of their iconic products, the Ultra Facial Cream and Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream, which come with the Kiehl’s x Singapore Heritage Design on the caps. There’s also a limited edition Heritage Box Set Collection in four variations, each containing a pair of iconic Kiehl’s products accompanied by three travel-sized versions of other popular products.

All the net proceeds from the sale of these limited edition products will be donated to the aid of restoring these monuments. Oh, and they’re only available in the month of June, and there are only 1750 pieces of the Heritage Box Set for sale islandwide. Act fast, because those monuments need preserving. And that special cap design is very cool indeed. Also because you can always do with one more tub of Kiehl’s moisturiser stocked up.


The Kiehl’s limited edition Heritage-Designed products, $48 to $98. Available at Kiehl’s stores. kiehlstimes.com