June 12, 2015

The next time you decide to put on your trusty pair of Tod’s, stop and take a snap. Introducing, “Dots of Life” a new digital project by the Italian luxury brand that showcases international trendsetters and influencers wearing their signature masterpiece: the Gommino. The Gommino, if you were wondering, is one of Tod’s most iconic products. And we totally understand why. The amount of attention to detail on each pair unbelievable and it only goes to show how important craftsmenship is to Tod’s.

“Dots of Life” will vary in themes and aims to tell stories through these themes, using imagery to express just how versatile these iconic loafers can be. And you’re invited.

Gommino and friends” is dedicated to the our little furry friends: Dogs, Cats and any other pet under the sun. While you’re at it, snap one too when you’re on the go for their second edition, “Driving dots” (Whether you’re on a bicycle or on a boat, the wilder the better)

Get creative and upload YOUR “Gommino and friends” or “Driving dots” snapshot onto the TOD’s website or via instagram @Tods #todsgommino #dotsoflife.