June 11, 2015

When we spend a good three hours in a salon chair, we want to walk away with hair that’s worth all that time. That’s why we really like the idea of Shiseido Professional’s new range of Singapore Hair Colours, a selection of hues to fit the modern Singapore woman (all very SG50-appropriate): your hairstylist will create a one-of-a-kind hair colour design meant to fit your lifestyle needs, with the tones changing according to the light – so it’s really like having many different hair colours in one. If you’re someone who needs to keep your hair serious for the workplace, you could try a cool ash brown that fades into a warmer tone, a combination that’s bright enough without being too loud. Or for something more free-spirited, try a lavender colour palette that subtly goes from dark to light, and with the ashy tones more apparent in sunlight.

The whole idea behind this range is to bring out the natural beauty of a woman’s hair, so you won’t find any bright reds or platinum blondes here. Nothing wrong with those, but it’s nice to just focus on bringing out the natural tones in our hair once in a while. Since Asian skin and hair have more reddish melanin as compared to that of Caucasians, Shiseido Professional’s base colours have yellowish-brown tones in them to counteract the reddish hues – this means cool-toned shades turn out better on your hair, since such colours are usually harder to achieve on dark Asian hair.

Shiseido Professional’s Primience technology means their dyes give your hair more intense hydration and a better moisture retention rate, with more luminous shine and minimal irritation. So, don’t be afraid to tell your hairdresser exactly what you want at your next salon visit. No two girls are made to have the exact same hair colour, after all.


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