June 17, 2015

If you’ve ever had the fantasy of a pop star speaking to you directly from your mobile phone, even whispering right to your ear if you angle it close enough, then you can say that LINE is out to make your dream come true. Nothing creepy about this though. It’s just, the idea of their Sound LINE Stickers sounds remarkably similar, as we get to hear our favourite characters or celebrities, live, from the popular Messenger app.

They’ve certainly picked a fine representative for the first set of stickers – choosing a behemoth of a British icon, Sir Paul McCartney himself. The English musician, also part of The Beatles, spouts phrases such as “thank you” and “good job”, in case you need a spur of encouragement from the man, and has commented that these are great fun to play around with. Truth be told, it’s just amusing to hear McCartney’s voice, chirpy accent and all, even in the simplest “hello” and “good night” illustrated stickers.

While stickers may not be anything new these days, the company is regarded as an early pioneer of the feature, with their unmistakable characters Brown, Cony, and Sally peppering our conversations, and being a huge visible part of their branding as well. It looks like the Sound Stickers are taking it one step further – these feature original recordings of famous icons, often quoting famous lines or common phrases, and can be used during chats, or on LINE Timeline posts. We bet there’s more along the way, so tuning in to the latest LINE updates would be wise.

“Chat with Paul McCartney” LINE Sound Stickers, priced at US$1.99 for a set of 24 stickers. To download, open the LINE app and head to the Sticker Shop, or visit the LINE Store at store.line.me/stickershop/product/4266/en.

Six Degrees of Separation

Who needs the paparazzi when we can stalk our celebrities right from our mobile phones? Inane, maybe. Voyeuristic guilty pleasure, yes and yes again. You’ll have to admit that there’s some satisfaction in knowing who Taylor Swift’s hanging out with, or where in the world Rihanna’s taking her latest selfie. Cue, then, LINE’s Official Accounts, which connects us to our favourite celebrities, pretty much as if they’re the friends we’re already chatting with on the mobile app. Six degrees of separation just isn’t true anymore.

Follow them by heading to the Official Accounts page on LINE. line.me 

No. of Followers: 16 million
Posts: Not as personal as her Instagram, but she still keeps it fresh. She posted updates from her 1989 World Tour in Tokyo, both post- concert images and behind-the-scenes, while we also came across a backyard photo of her just hanging with Lorde and the HAIM sisters. Last seen, she was teasing us with publicity images of the star-studded cast in her “Bad Blood” music video, which, well, swiftly garnered 20.1 million views in 24 hours, thus breaking the record for the most-watched video in 24 hours on Vevo.

Extras: Taylor Swift LINE Stickers. How much cuter can this girl get, really? Standard T-Swift shocked face, sadly not included.

No. of Followers: 13 million
Posts: To be honest, not much fireworks here.
Her account isn’t updated as much as we would like – there’s nary a Left Shark in sight – but we understand Ms Perry’s busy schedule, having just wrapped up her Asian tour not too long ago. When she does post though, she’s speaking mainly to her huge Japanese following, all undeterred and liking her posts by the hundred thousands. Thankfully, the gratuitous use of emojis makes us feel that the mega pop star could be just like us. Nearly.

Extras: None

No. of Followers: 12 million
Posts: Plenty of regional tour announcements, especially since the band is on their V album tour all the way till October, like the hardworking bunch they are. It’s nice that they’re always considerate to their fans on this side of the world – note how many times they’ve been here already – though it could be because we can’t get enough of their brand of addictive pop-rock. Yep, “Sugar” isn’t fading away from the Spotify Top Ten anytime soon. They might post photos from their upcoming gig in Singapore, you never know!

Extras: Maroon 5 Stickers. There’s one of Adam Levine saying “I Love You”. Enough said.

No. of Followers: 10 million
Posts: We can’t help but notice the slightly trippy picture of Sir Paul on his account’s landing page, which says a lot about how the 72-year-old ex-Beatle is embracing Internet culture. He’s surprisingly okay about lending his voice to LINE’s slew of Sound Stickers, while he also has an avatar on LINE PLAY, housed in a room that’s designed like a recording studio. It’s pretty detailed too: we spy a Great Britain rug, an ivory grand piano, and a poster from his “Out There” tour. No harm in having a little fun.

Extras: “Chat with Paul McCartney” Sound Stickers. Illustrated stickers, with Paul’s voice, that you can share with your friends.

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Count on Me

We’re not about to go super-patriotic on the National Day songs yet, but it’s hard not to feel a sense of pride after looking at these LINE stickers. Mind you, they’re more than your typical Singlish colloquialisms. As part of the “We Love SG50” sticker set, they represent the best of our daily lifestyle and cultural idiosyncrasies that you can probably identify with – everything from the bad habit of securing seats with tissue paper, food obsessions, to late-night suppers with teh tariks around the table. These can easily replace lengthy text messages, so really, it’s a case of a little less conversation, more action.

LINE “We Love SG50” Sticker Set, available for free to all Singaporean LINE users, and is valid to use for an unlimited time. Head to the Sticker Shop within the app to download it. line.me 

It’s clear that Singaporeans love gazing at the moon – at least, based on the top six LINE stickers sent in Singapore. Four out of the six stickers feature the beloved LINE character, often in ecstatic expressions. Whatever they say about our country and its lack of emotions, we know those aren’t true. Not in cyberspace.