June 26, 2015


Adding on to the list of must-have sneakers of the season are these from Puma’s second collaboration with Vashtie Kola, or more informally known as Va$htie, who is not only a designer it seems, but a Filmmaker, Artist, Creative Consultant, DJ as well as a *style icon* with a worldwide influence.

With inspiration evidently drawn from street and soccer wear, this collaboration is an evolution and extension of her previous line, giving a street luxe makeover to the class R698 Trinomial. It seems as if the whole model has been dipped into liquid gold, and placed onto PUMA’s trademark Trinomial sole in solid black. Some days stay gold forever, yes, and some shoes will too. Thank you, Va$htie.

The PUMA R698 X Vashtie Gold will be available at Limited Edt and Leftfoot stores from 4thJuly onwards at $250. Puma.com