June 17, 2015

What better way to make a statement than with these. all solid technology, surely, but just as much of a revolution in terms of style and design. And that’s something Skullcandy is dead serious about.

Rock stars and their egos. We’ve heard of very public feuds among bands like The Kinks, Guns ‘n’ Roses, and the no-longer-Oasis Gallagher brothers – but it seems like that’s exactly how they roll. Despite hot-headed antics and very evident “creative differences”, when put together, they’ve all brought us music we still tune into today. Similarly then, is the great battle between style and substance. One’s all about the image, the love at first sight, the impression, while the other prides an honest, functional account. We’d say they’re best put together though – and for that, we turn to Skullcandy.

The lifestyle and audio performance brand is big on both form and function, with an array of products that cater to different lifestyles, but with one thing in common – undeniable character. Skullcandy burst into the scene once dominated by dull, serious-looking headphones, and with it, have carved a fine space where edgy, fun technology thrive. You know, the stuff you don’t wanna just confine to your bedroom. Instead, what they’ve created are pieces we’re excited to wear it out, to flaunt even, whether it’s a boring bus ride, or cruising with a pennyboard in tow. That’s evident from their #StayLoud campaign too, where they celebrate uncompromising self-belief and expression. That said, quality sound is just as important, and they’re more than ready to blow us away. We’ll talk more about this with two of their latest updates – the Crusher, and the Grind.

GRIND, $109.90
This one’s new on the scene, but definitely fits in with the rest of the cool line-up. Both comfortable and durable, they’re great when you need to keep your headphones on for hours on end, whether it’s for a home movie marathon or zoning in at work. That’s all thanks to the plush foam ear pads, and the premium metal headband that ensures it doesn’t bend out of shape. As for the audio, it relies on the brand’s Supreme Sound technology, for a high-quality sound that’s made up of a powerful, punchy bass, natural vocals, and clean highs.

CRUSHER, $165.90
The hero product from Skullcandy definitely crushes the competition, what with an immersive “bass you can feel” experience, whether you’re tuning in to Katy Perry, Queen, or Drake. It works due to the Dual Driver technology – one pumps up on Supreme Sound, while the other is a Sensation55 bass driver that acts like a mini subwoofer so you feel like you’re at a live show. Oh, and the bass level’s totally adjustable by the way. You can also fold and stash these into your bag, though really, why would you?

Skullcandy Grind and Crusher, available at major electronic stores. skullcandy.com