powdered sunscreen

June 26, 2015

Sun protection doesn’t always have to be a white, greasy mess. For something that you apply and reapply multiple times a day (you are doing that, right?), we’d like for sunscreen to be less of a hassle to spread evenly over the skin without the whole world being able to tell that you just topped up on your SPF (read: an oily sheen over the skin, suspicious streaks of white, a certain whiff of coconut…).

So let us make the case for powdered sunscreen. Instinctively, powder might seem like the less convenient option because it has to be buffed into the skin with a brush – but hey, what if we told you most of them come with built-in brushes? And you’ll never end up in a situation with your things ending up all stained and oily, thanks to a rogue bottle of sunblock exploding in your bag. And getting your skin protected from the sun will never equate to greasiness – in fact, it helps keep sebum in check to boot. Go ahead and give it a try, starting from these three options:


Lush Powdered Sunshine, $25, Lush stores


This one doesn’t have a built-in brush, but you really don’t need one as it’s meant for the body, so all you have to do is tip some powder onto your hands and pat onto your body. Wondering about the low SPF (it’s SPF 15)? That’s because this being a Lush product, it was made with no nasty chemicals so you know you’re only putting all-natural stuff onto your skin. Just don’t be lazy and reapply every couple of hours. It smells so nice and citrusy, so you’ll want to do it anyway.


BareMinerals SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen, $62, Sephora


This comes in three shades, so you can blend it nicely into your makeup. In case you’re only learning your lesson about applying sunscreen post-sunburn, this also contains aloe vera extract to soothe the tender spots. This is so convenient to tote around and apply though, that forgetting to protect your skin with this shouldn’t be an excuse anymore.


Jane Iredale Powder-Me SPF Dry Sunscreen, $85, call Beauty Resources at 6293 5530 for stockists


This can be used on the face, body and scalp (a peeling, sunburnt scalp is the WORST thing ever), as it’s a translucent powder in three different shades. Go on and dive into the pool – it’s also water resistant for up to 40 minutes.