June 19, 2015

The one thing we all love at the NYLON office: denim. It’s casual, it’s universal, it’s perennial, it can’t go wrong. Or can it?

Since THE OUTNET.COM unveiled their online denim shop this month, with an expansive edit of all things denim, we got a little inspired. Here’s how to pull off the coolest denim trends, including flared jeans and denim-on-denim, plus what to really avoid.

1. Jeans


L to R: MiH Jeans Skinny Marrakesh Mid-Rise Flared Jeans, Current Elliott The Stiletto Biker Distressed Low-Rise Skinny Jeans, Rag & Bone Cropped Low-Rise Skinny Jeans What’s hot now:

  • Flared jeans. It’s definitely part of the 70s resurgence, and a sure way to stand out among the wearers of skinny jeans. Put on a cropped top, go full Coachella with fringe tops, or combine the look with a floral overlay for the full boho vibe. Make sure that the hem ends perfectly though, instead of having your feet disappear under all that fabric.
  • Ripped jeans. The trick is to look good, with a healthy dose of grunge, without looking shabby. Cuff your boyfriend jeans, keep your top easy on the eyes when you’re wearing distressed denim. Even ripped skinnies can look sleek when the ripped portion is kept to just the knees.
  • White jeans. More recommended for slim figures, as lighter colours tend to draw attention to your thighs. For a slimming effect, go for jeans with a dark wash instead – these are always trendy.

What’s not:

  • JNCO jeans. 90s kids, we’re looking at you. There’s enough fabric to fit three of you into one pant leg, but why would you do that?

2. Shorts


L to R: Rag & Bone Frayed Washed Denim Shorts, R13 Distressed Stretch Denim Shorts What’s hot now:

  • Unique washes. It’s not really that “out-there”. Just find a wash you like and pair it with anything – a neat button-down, an oversized top, a sweater, a simple striped t-shirt, loose-fitting lace. Anything goes, really!
  • Frayed shorts. Definitely leave this out of the office, though it’d be perfect for casual weekends. Especially in this weather!

What’s not:

  • Booty shorts. Unless you’re Beyonce, and if that’s so WE HEART YOU, but really. Crazy In Love was 12 years ago, and we’re not crazy about shorts that ride up your butt.

3. Denim Shirts & Jackets


L to R: MiH Jeans Playing Checked Denim Shirt, Rag & Bone Distressed Denim Jacket, Rag & Bone Camden Striped Cotton Top What’s hot now:

  • Denim on denim. The look is classic, and Alexa Chung manages to pull it off all the time, effortlessly. It really isn’t that difficult to master though. If you’re a beginner, try mixing your colours: white jeans and a blue denim jacket, a striped chambray shirt and black skinnies. Remember, don’t go totally matchy-matchy with same shades of denim, unless you’re a pro.
  • Denim dresses. Not so much form-fitting dresses, but denim holds the shape of straight-cut dresses really well. Look out for those with frayed hems, subtle washes or patches, and try to keep it lightweight.

What’s not:

  • Denim gowns. Think Britney Spears, circa the 90s when she was still with JT. Nope. Never again.
  • Going full cowboy. A little smart details are fine, not full on denim-on-denim with cowboy boots and a hat. It’s not that bad? Let’s just say this: if Wyatt Earp had worn it to our office, he would be outlawed.

All denim looks from theoutnet.com