June 4, 2015

It’s a tote bag! It’s a backpack! Nope, the FREITAG F261 Maurice and F262 Julien are in an all-new category known as the Tote-Pack. The clever people at FREITAG have simply added a carabiner strap to the classic tote bag design to bring its functionality up to a whole new level.  It’s really simple: Just put your right arm through the two regular tote bag handles, and then slip your left arm through the carabiner strap. To use it as a tote, the carabiner strap can be tucked back into the bag and clipped to the pocket.

The Maurice is the compact version measuring in at 32cm in length, while the Julien is the larger version at 37cm. FREITAG recommends this backpack for “safe cycling, wild gesturing and boisterous hugging”.

On 1 June, the Actually store was the first in the world, even before the FREITAG online store, to launch these two models. The new FREITAG models stocked there come in 50 different colours, so choosing just one might be a dilemma. But whatever it is, just get yourself a tote-pack.


The FREITAG F261 Maurice, $195, and F262 Julien, $230, are available at the ACTUALLY store at #03-18 Orchard Gateway.