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June 18, 2015

it’s a thing now – just ask our cover girls jayesslee, michelle phan or nicole warne. being busy is no longer frowned upon. far from it, it’s now an enviable trait of it-girls all over. packed schedules are in. a sure consequence though? life takes its toll on our faces, with the most noticeable change being the delicate area around our eyes.

yes, we’re talking about those dreaded dark eye circles, and really, there are only two ways to make sure no one sees them. one, don’t smile, ever. two, find that perfect concealer.

you can be sure that the latest from ettusais has, unsurprisingly, found its way into our makeup stash. it helps that all of it, including a brush, is housed in a compact, matchbox-like case, making it perfectly efficient on the go, while still achieving good coverage. and in case you need more good reasons, here goes:



#1: colour it right
There are two colours in here – dark and light ochre (earth red) pigments, proven to conceal better than yellow undertones as they neutralise the bluish tones of tired skin. Layer on the light shade, and you’ll find that it blends in remarkably well with the rest of your skin. And like the rest of the Premium range, there’s also the Stratum Corneum Permeation Powder and Pink Control Powder for a rosy complexion.

#2: forever young
Well, not exactly, but it helps to have powerful active ingredients that counter ageing, such as the Amino Acid-based Powder and Essence-in-powder, which promise even-toned, smooth and moisturised skin. It’s also formulated with SPF25 PA+++ to shield us from UV damage, and is non-comedogenic to minimise irritation to the sensitive eye area.

#3: take cover
We like that the coverage is great, but natural – and we have science to thank. The concealer contains advanced light diffusing properties that mask pores, all the while imparting a soft glow. And for a look that lasts, the Skin-fit Wax and Fine-particle Powder enables a paste-like formula that adheres nicely to fine lines so you don’t get creases at the end of a long day.

ettusais Premium Perfect Clear Up Concealer, priced at $32, available at all ettusais counters, and Sephora ION Orchard.

[makeup, ettusais premium; model, aimee cheng-bradshaw from basic models; photographer, ashley tang]

Take a look at our video makeup tutorial here, where we try out the ettusais Premium Perfect Clear Up Concealer: