June 4, 2015

We didn’t think it was possible, but we can make the iPhone more awesome than it already is! Meet the Ztylus an iPhone case that will change the way you take photos on your iPhone. Also, it’s designed in America, and made in China — just like the iPhone!

This case is made from matte polycarbonate, and is available for the iPhone 5/5S, 6 and 6 Plus (from US$29.95), in a range of cool colours. The metal series in particular doesn’t just look cool, it feels very solid in the hand. And if you’re willing to shell out more for a “limited edition” colour, there’s a rose gold version at US$149.95.

As you can see, I’m trying out the silver and black metal edition, and I’ve added on the revolving 4-in-1 lens attachment (US$69.95). The four lenses include: a macro, wide angle, fisheye and CPL lens, and you just need to flick each one up to use.

Even better, there’s an LED ring light attachment (US$59.95) which can shed light on your food pics and portraits. This is especially useful in dimly lit restaurants and clubs. The lens runs on three AAA batteries and the brightness of the light can be adjusted as well. You can even use this light on its own by holding it in your hand and directing the light wherever you want it.

The final thing you see on the case is a rosewood hand grip. A handgrip!! It attaches to the Ztylus case by a secure screw. Put together with the other attachments, your phone is now a better camera and a conversation piece.