July 1, 2015

Fashion and technology have always been interdependent but today this power couple is stronger than BeyoncĂ© and Jay Z. Not only have fashion brands become more tech-savvy by reaching out to consumers via mobile apps, there’s now many interactive apps to help you dress up. Here’s our top 10 fashion apps you need to download now:

1. Emporio Armani Sounds

Dive into the world of Giorgio Armani with this new app that pulls together the worlds of fashion and music in a sleek interface. Listen to handpicked playlists by notable musicians, watch performances and interviews with artistes like Calvin Harris and La Roux, and of course, see the newest collections.


In style version of Instagram, upload your #ootd and explore others’ looks. See what’s trending and ‘like’ and ‘save’ your favourite ones for inspiration.


The mobile app for gives you an all-access pass to runway footage and the latest collections by every major designer. See reviews, up-close photos and even party footage of your favourite style icons.


4. Chanel
Keep updated with the latest Chanel News: Campaign photos and videos, runway looks and celebrities who donned the interlocking Cs.


5. Stylect
This Tinder for shoes lets you swipe left to reject the shoe and right to put it on your wish list (if only that was applicable for people too…). See also how celebs kick up a storm in their picks of shoes.


6. The Hunt
No need to drag your friends to the store for an opinion. Upload your outfits as a poll and let other users say Yay or Nay. You can also have your in-app friends help you find where a clothing item is from simply by uploading a photo of it – how useful is that?


7. Pureple
Remember Cher’s virtual closet in Clueless? Well Pureple comes close to that. This is the lazy girl’s app to planning outfits. Curate your clothing items into your app. Instead of flipping through your hangers early in the morning, you could be lying in bed scrolling for your next outfit. You could even plan ahead with the in-app calendar. Planning not for you? Let the app be your stylist as it suggests outfits for your day.


8. ASAP54
Sort of a middle ground between WEAR and The Hunt, ASAP54 gives you a feed of style inspiration from famous style icons and helps you to find similar looking items to those you upload as photos. Want a bikini is a certain print or colour? Take a photo of the print and search for it under the ‘Swimwear’ category.


9. Lyst
This fashion version of Pinterest lets you create ‘lysts’ for every occasion, and at the same time updating your feed with the newest clothes and accessories available on the shelves of the brands you follow.


10. Stylekick
Stylekick functions like a lookbook; if you like an outfit you can scroll to see its brand and price. Chat with users directly in the app to ask for more details on the items.



Available for free on the App Store for iPhones. All except Lyst, Pureple, Chanel and are available on Google Play Store for Android phones.