July 2, 2015

Getting your makeup done is fun but it can be a pain in the neck when you can’t find the right shade or it causes long-term health issues. These makeup apps make up for lost time in finding the best looks and products for you – apply liberally.

1. Makeupsocial

Dubbed the Instagram of beauty, you can scroll your feed for makeup inspiration, product tips and reviews (or use it an excuse for another selfie).


2. MakeupPlus

While the app airbrushes your skin into Korean ad-perfection like how Neoprint machines would, it’s really easy to use to try makeup on without actually having to apply any. It accurately lays makeup over your face for you to see how you would look in different shades of makeup – no more spending money on ill-fitting colours or wasting makeup on experimentation!


3. Perfumance

Everyone needs a signature scent – and this library of fragrances helps you choose it. Smelled something nice? Record the different tones (musky, floral, fruity, etc.) and rate perfumes in this app which will then propose fragrances that suit your unique taste.


4. Think Dirty

Often we’re unsure or clueless as to what harmful chemicals we’re piling onto our skin. Think Dirty scans the barcode of the beauty product to you give you a detailed low-down of its ingredients – and which ones to steer clear from.


5. Visada

The app acts like a personal beautician beginning with a customised analysis of your face shape, from which it recommends hairstyles to suit your shape and what to avoid. It then matches parts of your face to celebrities – you might have similar cheeks to Lily Collins or Reese Witherspoon. See suggested looks from celebrities on the red carpet and YouTube makeup gurus. You can click the in-app links to watch YouTube makeup tutorials directly.


The beauty apps are available for free on the App Store for iPhone. Makeup Plus is available for free on Google Play for Android phones.