July 22, 2015

Once in a while you discover an app that changes your daily habits and becomes your go-to app for the rest of your smartphone-using life (which perhaps equates to your entire life). Here’s our picks of apps that were – no exaggeration here – life-changing.

Tiny Scan
Admittedly, we were very impressed with this app. Scan your hard copy documents, receipts, or basically anything simply by taking a photo of it. The app will then make it into a PDF document. No more waiting by your scanner and slotting pages in endlessly.


Everyone loves lists. On this app you can create and share them with your colleagues or friends so everyone gets a clear overview of all the tasks at hand. It’s great for managing a team as well.


Organise your work, notes and photos in this app and discuss them with your friends. It basically functions as an all-in-one organisational app to keep your work in one place, and shares it to your other devices to keep things neat.


Share documents, photos and videos to your devices and friends with this app. Quick and easy, Dropbox is a blessing to everyday and working life.

One of the best photo editing apps out there, Snapseed allows you to edit almost every aspect of your photo, from all the basic stuff (brightness, saturation, contrast, highlights, shadows, warmth) to spot repair, perspective transformation, and selective adjusting different areas of your photo. There’s also filters, but with a vast number of editing options, you hardly need them.


To stitch videos and add to music to create your perfect 15-second Instavideo.

Downloads Lite
You know when you receive audio files in your email and it pauses when you accidentally lock your iPhone? Use Downloads Lite (there’s the full version you can pay for) to download the file into the app. You can then listen to it while your iPhone is locked – just like in your Music app. The app works for documents too – essentially you needn’t scour through your emails to find a file anymore because you can just save it into the app.

Get a clear picture where you’re overspending by keeping track of your expenditure in this app. It helps you categorise your expenses (e.g. travel, food, shopping), so you can better plan your finances.




All apps are available for free at the App Store. All apps except Receipts and Downloads Lite are available for free at Google Play.