July 16, 2015

We all dream of that one place we long to visit before we get too old, like climbing up Mount Everest or snowboarding in the Alpes… Okay, maybe my expectations are a little high here, but it doesn’t mean we can’t think big, right? Here’s just one luxurious get away I’d like to share.

Kuda Huraa. My imaginable paradise. A small island floating on its very own plane in the centre of the Maldives. I am surrounded by nothing but clear blue oceans and basking in the summertime – a feeling I wish would never fade – and soaking in everything that nature has to offer, making the city scramble but a mere memory.

Getting There
Travelling to an island in the Maldives is an adventure by itself. For some islands, it’s just a short boat ride away, but for others, you gotta take a sea plane or a small helicopter that glides on water (the confined space made me very nervous!) But once we were up in the clouds, the views were breathtaking – man-made beach huts and crystal white sand. It’s one of the most astounding feelings you could ever feel.

About Kuda Huraa
Centrally located in the beautiful Maldives, it’s a 45-minute flight away from Male airport. This island is an exceptional get away, renowned for their world class surfing. The Four Seasons resort offers fine worldwide dining and a range of water sports, and not to mention unforgettable diving experiences. I took it upon myself to bravely attempt parasailing, which was an exhilarating experience; almost like sitting on a swing looking over the world. I also rented a jet ski to ride out to the dolphins as they congregate at sunset. Even though I was alone, it didn’t take the smile away from my face. The resort also provides adventurous outdoor activities, but one of the things I truly enjoyed was their resident spa. I had the most relaxing massage and facial ever! Quiet beach huts sitting over the shore with glass bottoms lets you watch the waves, fish and other beautiful sea creatures travel underneath you. A truly astonishing vacation that deserves a visit at least a once in your lifetime. Don’t let life opportunities slip away, so start planning!