July 10, 2015

So what exactly makes us truly Singaporean? Is it the HDB flats most of us live in? Or perhaps it’s learning how to play five stones when we were growing up, or even going through two years of mandatory National Service. What about our very own lingua franca, which we’re so proud to call Singlish? Either way, Coca-Cola is releasing a set of five limited edition SG50 aluminium bottles to celebrate our unique identity and heritage built over the past 50 years. These bottles feature recognisable places and icons that are associated with Singapore. Some designs include birds in a cage to represent the bird singing corners that resonates more with the pioneer generation who gather and catch up with friends over a game of Chinese chess, the childhood game of five stones, HDB flats, Singapore soldiers serving their National Service and saluting and our of course, our world-class SMRTs. In addition to the limited edition bottles, Coca-Cola will also hold activations to bring Singaporeans on a trip down memory lane (more details on their Facebook page).

These bottles are available in all major supermarkets and convenience outlets for $2.95 each.

Photos courtesy: Coca-Cola