July 8, 2015

One of the grandest hotels in Singapore, The Fullerton Hotel, is celebrating the Golden Jubilee with their “Fullerton Hotel Singapore Celebrate Fireworks” room package. Escape into the grandeur of Singapore’s landmark hotel, rich with Singapore’s heritage, fit with Palladian architecture and fronted by the tranquility of the Singapore River.

First, check into the luxurious Quay Room whose windows open to a magnificent view of Marina Bay. After settling in, head out for a free heritage tour to reminisce Singapore’s historical sites in the spirit of celebrating our independence.

Back at the hotel, head down to Town Restaurant for a complimentary Saturday Singapore High Tea as you admire the afternoon city skyline along the Singapore River. After that, you might want a few hours of relaxation at The Fullerton Spa or to sweat it out at the gym. You might even do some shopping at the luxury boutiques like Fragrance Du Bois and Raffles Jeweller.

As the sun sets, kick back at the Lighthouse Restaurant & Rooftop Bar for authentic Southern Italian cuisine and a glass of wine. When you’ve had your fill, go back to the comfort of your room and enjoy the spectacular SG50 fireworks during the National Day Parade rehearsal.

Sounds like a plan?

The ‘Fullerton Hotel Singapore Celebrates Fireworks’ room package includes

  • A stay in the Quay Room
  • Daily American Buffet Breakfast for 2 adults and 2 children at Town Restaurant
  • Complimentary Saturday Singapore High Tea for 2 adults and 2 children at Town Restaurant
  • Complimentary Heritage Tours
  • Complimentary Internet connectivity

The Fullerton Hotel, 1 Fullerton Square, 049178. Book your “Fullerton Hotel Singapore Celebrate Fireworks” room package at fullertonhotel.com.

WIN! We’re giving away a 3D2N “Fullerton Hotel Singapore Celebrate Fireworks” room package for 18-20 July. To stand a chance to win, simply fill in the form below by Friday, 10 July, 6pm


  • Eric Zhuo

    Thank you #NylonSG for this awesome giveaway!

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    Really hope I can get this giveaway!! #NylonSGWin After sending off the Apache twice (during NS) for escorting the Chinook, really want to see it with my own eyes at the comfort of the room! #fingerscrossed !

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    Hopefully we can win the staycation and have some family bonding time. We have never stayed in a 5 star hotel before as a family. #NylonSGWin #thankyouNylon #thankyoufullerton

  • 茗泉

    Do hope has a chance to participate this remarkable moment with my wife and give her a surprise~

  • Teong Siew Meng

    I hope to have a chance in winning a 3D2N “Fullerton Hotel Singapore Celebrate Fireworks” room package for 18-20 July 2015 so that my 68 years old mother at Ipoh will travel to Singapore for enjoying this wonderful trip during my 35th birthday month.

  • Anna

    Wanna win this because my dad has been facing problems outside regarding his business and all, and my brother’s stressed up with o levels. Wanna use this chance to bring them there to enjoy a mini staycation to free their minds. Thank you. 🙂

  • Kong Meifong

    Hope I can bring my 3kids there and it’s the first year my youngest girl celebrate national day on our SG50!

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    Please let me win this. my daughter loves fireworks and her birthday wish is watching firework 🙂 please make her birthday wish comes true and allow us to celebrate her birthday at Fullerton Hotel and watch firework together and have a very happy bonding times. Her birthday is on national day. !! #NylonSGWin #thankyouNylon #thankyoufullerton Thanks for this great giveaway!!

  • Christy Lee

    The best giveaway contest ever, hope to win this to celebrate SG50 once in my life time.

  • #nylonsg couldn’t have been a better way to celebrate life’s second chance ♡

  • Shereen Abdullah Khan

    #nylonsg This is the best giveaway published at the right time just before my birthday! I hope to win it, more so because i attended my graduation ceremony at Fullerton Hotel last month!

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  • JuJu Sim

    Never got chance to stay because too expensive… If i win it, just nice to celebrate my husband birthday over weekend

  • melvinleehw

    Perfectly timed with my brother’s birthday and since we failed to ballot for NDP tickets again this year, this would be perfect for my family to get together and watch the fireworks from the comfort and luxury of the Quay Room at Fullerton Hotel! Thanks so much for this Nylon Singapore, let’s hope I’m lucky this time round! <3

  • Vanessa Chong

    Its exactly on my birthday and my proposal anniversary. It will be wonderful if I could have a stay at fullerton and watch the fireworks. (my proposal was ended with fireworks sparkling in the sky during last year ndp preview) the most beautiful memories. Thank you Nylon Singapore for giving this chance, I wish I could win it

  • Annie Quek

    As we did not managed to get any NDP tickets, will be good if I win this as I will bring my hubby and toddler daughter for this stay. My hubby and I have tried Ritz Carlton, Oriental Mandarin and Pan Pacific hotel before for previous National Day celebration. Will have a different feel if we get to stay at Fullerton Hotel which is pretty near the Merlion and most importantly, the national parade will be held at Padang this year to mark SG50.

  • Alyna Maliki

    #NylonSGWin Giveaway!

    This is will be an awesome surprise gift for my dear husband.

    He who is my BFF, my Confidante, my Counsellor and lastly, my Fashion Advisor.

    Also, to add on, it will be a greater joy to celebrate our wedding anniversary too!

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    Hope i would win this during sg50. It would make this year even more better

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  • Celiss Wang

    Hi Nylon SG, if I win this staycation I am very sure my PG parents & I will be extremely grateful for the giveaway!!! It will be my first time celebrating a close up celebration with the nation together and great fireworks display!!! I have filled up the form in your website.

    Do give me a chance to win this awesome staycation!!!

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