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July 10, 2015

Hats, coats and a whole lot of poise — We’re taking style cues from none other than the Duchess of Cambridge herself. We’ll never be royals, but we can still be effortlessly chic.

  • You Can Call Me Queen Bee: Some days she puts on a crown, and some days she puts on a hat — choose the latter, in your case.
  • Let Me Live That Fantasy: We imagine we’re one step closer to the duchess if we dress in her favourite style of coat.
  • Blood Stains, Ball Gowns, Trashing’ The Hotel Room: Don’t be trashin’ any hotel rooms now; stay prim and proper with covered arms and your modesty in tact with long-sleeved midi dresses.
  • We Count Our Dollars On The Train To The Party: Count them in a clutch. A cute clutch.
  • Trippin’ In The Bathroom: You probably will in heels, but the things we all do for style…

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[Photographed by Hiu Zhi Wei; Styled by Shawna Wu; Makeup by Rose Fortuna using m.a.c cosmetics; Hair by Matthew Tuozzoli]