July 10, 2015

VDL opens its fifth and flagship store at the ION Orchard linkway, and what with the whole array of makeup and skincare goodies on display, we can’t keep away. 


There are some things we are drawn to like hapless moths to a bright, enticing flame. Olivia Newton-John summed up this feeling best in her 1985 track “Moth To A Flame”: “An invisible force pulling me close to you/I can’t break free, there’s some kind of hold over me/Like a magnet, you attract me like steel…” And this particular flame that we can’t help but gravitate towardsistherecently-refurbishedIONOrchard Linkway (that bustling underground passageway that connects ION Orchard to TANGS Plaza), where VDL has opened its fifth and newest store.

How could we not be drawn there? Those bright lights that illuminate the vast collection of lip products in all textures and shades, the dizzying array of eyeshadows and blushes, alongside a generous selection of nail polish and skincare offerings for an experience that will make any beauty junkie go weak in the knees. Of course, there’s VDL’s trademark Tint Bar near the entrance,all the lip treats in candy shades tempting us. The store is spacious enough to comfortably wander through the aisles, swatching the products to your heart’s content; there are two counters with large vanity mirrors at the rear end,for you to try the makeup on yourself with the help of the store assistants. Don’t know where to begin? Start with the light, we say – in particular, the Lumilayer Technology that’s found in basically all of VDL’s makeup, a clever innovation that makes use of the wavelength corresponding to violet light, using its red and blue components to reflect light off different angles of the face and create some big-time glow that’s visible no matter how many layers of makeup you put on top.

With all that light, it’s easy to see yourself gravitating towards the VDL ION Orchard store often. Most visits to Orchard Road necessitate a walk through that linkway anyway, and trust us – those pretty displays will be calling out your name. Here’s one more reason to head there soon: in the spirit of the Great Singapore Sale, get 10 per cent off storewide plus 20 per cent off selected items, up till 31 July. Let’s see you try to stay away now.


Cover All Bases

VDL’s base products are the stars of the show. Here are the iconic products you need to add to your arsenal, because it’s really all about that base.


SKIN P+R=O Almighty Ampoule Essence, $88

SKIN PRO Almighty Ampoule Essence, $88

This essence deserves to have “almighty” in its name, what with it being power-packed with ingredients to protect the skin from signs of ageing, plus let it recover from existing damage. In the entireSKINP+R=Orange,there’sapatented Vitamin A derivative to improve the skin’s ability to take in nutrients and synthesise collagen, and a bioengineered fibre to repair sagging skin. Concentrated extracts of the Madagascan plant Centella Asiatica further boost collagen synthesis and flow of moisture into the skin.


SKIN P+R=O Almighty Cream, $82 

SKIN PRO Almighty Cream, $82

This cream can be used after applying the ampoule essence, as it has a balm-like texture that serves
to lock in all the good stuff into the skin, while keeping dust particles and other pollutants from entering the pores. It also contains niacinamide and nutmeg extracts to keep skin fair and wrinkle-free.


SKIN P+R=O Wrinkle Care Roll-on Serum, $73 

SKIN PRO Wrinkle Care Roll-on Serum, $73

The parts of your face that move the most are most prone to wrinkles and sagging skin, which explains laugh and eye lines. This roll-on serum targets exactly those areas, sending VDL’s patented anti-wrinkle ingredients deep into the affected areas; the metal ball applicator helps stimulate blood circulation and better absorption of the serum as well.


Lumilayer Primer, $36 

Lumilayer Primer, $36

Thanks to this primer, violet is now our favourite colour when it comes to our skin. The Violet Lightflects™ pigments even out the skin tone and add some serious radiance by reflecting light at different angles from the face. Be prepared to have people ask you why you’re glowing.


Perfecting Last Foundation, $42 

Perfecting Last Foundation, $42

A foundation that contains the same Lumilayer™ pigments as the iconic Lumilayer Primer, so you know it’ll leave you radiant as well. The pigments particles have a flat surface to enable smooth and even application.


Beauty Metal Cushion Foundation, $52 

Beauty Metal Cushion Foundation, $52

VDL’s first cushion foundation gets a packaging redesign this year, but retains the patented metal plate technology that helps keep the foundation cool and maintain its moisture levels. It also still contains the Radiant Powder, which helps cover up blemishes, and the Skin Cell Powder, which provides better coverage and better adherence to the skin. There’s prune water in it as well, added for its anti-oxidant and moisturising properties.


The VDL flagship store is located at #B2-75 ION Orchard Linkway. facebook.com/vdlcosmeticssingapore