July 3, 2015

Here’s one way to wear your patriotism proudly around your neck: a Merlion pendant in solid gold. Singapore’s beloved mascot gets really luxurious in CITIGEMS’ Merlion Jewellery Collection, which comes just in time for SG50, of course. The Merlion comes in 999 Pure Gold and White Gold versions, the former representing the majestic aura of our national icon, and the latter the poise and grace it embodies.

Merlion in Majestic 999 Pure Gold (SGD338) Merlion in Supreme White Gold with Diamond (SGD238)
Whichever you choose, it’s just a pretty atas way to get into the SG50 mood. And they’re emblems of prosperity as well, and no one will say no to that. Huat ah!


The CITIGEMS Merlion in Majestic 999 Pure Gold, $338, available at selected CITIGEMS boutiques. The CITIGEMS Merlion in Supreme White Gold with Diamond, $238, available at all CITIGEMS boutiques from 13 July 2015. From now till 16 Aug 2015, enjoy $50 off the limited edition Merlion series. citigems.com.sg