July 2, 2015

Most days, we’re content with just ordering in. Rainy days in bed, catching up on all our TV shows… anybody? Then, there are days when the right quality pizza makes a world of difference to our cravings. Especially when they’re as unique as the ones from Pizza Fabbrica.

Put wood-fire oven, highest-grade ingredients, and an open kitchen where we get to see the creative Chef Matteo at work, and we’re even more sold. Not to mention, every pizza comes with its own ideal beer pairing! Located at a bustling street near Haji Lane, it’s the perfect place to chill after work, or to catch up with friends over the weekend, thanks to the cosy atmosphere. But really, let’s get to the pizzas already:

1. Crema di Zucca e Broccolini, $28
Pumpkin Cream and Broccolini Pizza

pizzafabbricapumpkin2 pizzafabbricapumpkin1

It was a close fight, but this one’s our favourite. It takes its inspiration from pumpkin ravioli, a traditional Italian dish, and the flavour’s unique, but not entirely unfamiliar. Definitely fragrant, thanks to the fresh pumpkin cream that went great with the broccollini, sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and Amaretti (almond biscuits). We usually love lots of meat on our pizzas, but this was so good, we didn’t even realise that all vegetarian!

2. Gorgonzola Fichi e Prosciutto di Parma, $30
Fig and Parma Ham Pizza


Everyone loves parma ham, and instead of pairing it with the more standard rock melon and rockets, its strong flavour is balanced with sharp Gorgonzola cheese, sweet figs, creamy Mozzarella cheese and walnuts for extra crunch. All layered on a thin crust for the best textures.

3. Pesto Patate e Fagiolini, $26
Pesto Potato and Snow Peas Pizza


We can’t resist some good carbs, and this one has soft, fragrant potatoes on top of its thin crust. It sounds like a pasta dish, only because of its inspiration: the Pesto Ricco from the region of Liguria, typically used in pasta dishes along with potatoes and fagiolini beans. There’s a warm, homely feel to this one, especially if you love pesto sauce.

4. Pere al Chianti Radicchio e Fontina, $28
Red Wine Poached Pear Pizza


You won’t get drunk on this, don’t worry, but the star of the dish, the poached pears, are certainly delicious. This pizza is an ode to North West Italy, famous for produce such as pears, hazelnuts, Fontina cheese and red wine, which can all be found on this creation. There’s nothing pretentious about it when the pizza’s this satisfying.

Pizza Fabbrica,  located at 69/70 Bussorah Street. pizzafabbrica.sgFor reservations, call 6291 0434 or email