July 14, 2015

If you’re wondering what exactly people in London, New York, or more specifically, Reykjavik, Iceland, are listening to, well then, Spotify has got you covered, in the form of a new interactive music map.

Musical Map: Cities of the World, is, as the title clearly suggests, a visual world map that you can zoom in and out of, and find playlists specific to nearly a 1000 cities around the world, each with songs that are trending in that particular area. We see it as a guide to tracking a city’s music scene, and a new way of discovering music too. All without leaving the comforts of our laptop screens.

As for how it works, basically, Spotify analyses nearly 20 billion tracks to shortlist them into listening trends that are “distinctive” to each area – in their own words, “songs that are listened to frequently in specific cities that are not frequently listened to in others”. Naturally, this means that you’ll find popular local artists in each city, no matter the genre. The map will be updated automatically every two weeks.

The popular music app also identified Hip Hop as the genre that was played most frequently on playlists around the world. And in other important highlights, we find out what key cities are listening to as well – New York loves The Chainsmokers, Berlin is a fan of Mia, while London listens to Jamie xx.

Of course, we also took a look at the Singapore playlist… and, well, the results are kinda expected, but there you go:

  • Local musicians such as Charlie Lim, The Sam Willows, Gentle Bones; and plenty from the Songs of the Games album
  • Taylor Swift’s Fearless album
  • Korean pop stars, including G-Dragon and BIGBANG
  • Lots of Mando pop artistes like Jay Chou, Wang Lee Hom