July 21, 2015

YG Entertainment pretty much dominates the K-pop industry. When you’ve got Big Bang, 2NE1 and Psy signed, you’re basically a global ambassador for Korean pop culture already.

So it kind of makes sense that YG is now dipping its toes into another big slice of the Korean culture pie: beauty. Moonshot, inspired by the human efforts to explore the moon, accurately represents YG’s ambitions then – to chart new territory and spread its influence. With regards to the actual makeup, it’s everything we expected from Korean entertainment: an explosion of colours, with no hint of shying away from the brightest, most standout makeup looks.

Sephora has just brought in 17 Moonshot items into its stores, covering everything from complexion, to colour and brushes. Here are our picks:


Mist Essence Restore, $44


Moisturise on the go with this mist (Koreans love their mists), which helps to control sebum production as well, so it treads that fine line between keeping skin hydrated without letting it become too shiny.


Face Perfection Liquid, $56


This has a semi-matte finish that also adds the kind of luminosity that’s become a Korean trademark. The coverage is buildable, and promises to last in our weather.


Cream Paint, $36

creampaint_101_1_1 creampaint_106_1 creampaint_701_1

High-impact colour for the cheeks and lips. It applies as a cream, but dries into a powder so the texture is light.


Jelly Pot, $34

jellypot_202_1 jellypot_101_1_1_1_1

This multi-tasking jelly works on the cheeks, lips, eyes and anywhere else on the body you want to add some sparkle, really. The pearlescent pigments in the formula adds a satin-textured glow, and works great as a highlighter.


Brow Shape Mascara, $29


Easily achieve Korean-style brows with the mascara wand, which deposits a colour that dries into a powder and lasts long.


Lash Infinite, $37


This is unusual – it’s a mascara with a brush that’s especially designed for false lashes. Just like most regular mascaras, it’s resistant to water, sweat and oil.


Fine Make Up Brush S 101, $40


It’s a two-in-one foundation tool that has a diagonally-cut flat-top brush on one end, and curiously, a spatula on the other. We guess it’s for scooping out foundations in a jar hygienically.


Moonshot cosmetics, $17 to $56. Available at Sephora stores from September 2015. en.moonshot-cosmetics.com. All images taken from en.moonshot-cosmetics.com