July 24, 2015

So what’s the one thing that everyone who’s seen Jurassic World can unanimously agree on? Well, the fact that Claire (played by Bryce Dallas Howard) runs literally everywhere – in mud, on concrete, while running away from man-eating dinosaurs – in heels.

We’re not sure what they’re made of, but those pair of white heels are literally indestructible; they barely have a scratch or stain on it. It’s either Claire cleans up after all that running (maybe they’re cut scenes we won’t see until the box set is out… highly unlikely though) or she’s using one of those repellant sprays for shoes. We’re not sure but… WHERE CAN WE GET ONE?

XVP Comedy decided to reimagine various scenes from the whole franchise where everyone – yes EVERYONE, including Jeff Goldblum to the dinosaurs (and that fossilised mosquito) – wears a pair of Claire’s indestructible heels. In different styles, of course.

GG, XVP Comedy. Now make one where everyone’s an alcoholic running away from dinosaurs while sipping on Margarita. That’ll be a sight.