July 31, 2015

When a brand uses a particular technology in ALL its makeup products, you know there’s got to be some magic in this science that you better get your hands on, stat. In VDL’s case, it’s the Lumilayer Technology, which involves using the wavelength corresponding to violet light, using its red and blue components to reflect light off the face in all the right ways. This technology is best experienced in the brand’s iconic Lumilayer Primer that contains Violet Lightflects Pigments to add radiance that shines through even layers of foundation. It’s so good that any foundation would look great applied on top of it, but we say go straight for VDL’s Perfecting Last Foundation, since it contains the same Lumilayer pigments as the primer. Lucky for you, both are included in the second edition of the NYLON Singapore x Vanity Trove Beauty Box, so get yourself one and get ready to get your glow on.


VDL Lumilayer Primer, $36, and Perfecting Last Foundation, $42. Available at VDL stores.


Try the VDL Lumilayer Primer and Perfecting Last Foundation along with many other amazing products in the NYLON Singapore x Vanity Trove Beauty Box #2 at only $38. Available here.