July 2, 2015

Whether or not you’re on team Apple, you can’t escape the Apple Music; just like how U2’s latest album magically appeared in your iPhone. Apple has just launched its new streaming service, Apple Music, which moves away from their old approach to music. The company claims that it’s not just a music streaming app, and that it also features a worldwide live radio station from Apple that will broadcast 24 hours a day.

It can be very daunting for those of you who aren’t already using other services like Spotify or Rdio, and even more confusing if you’ve already gotten used to those interfaces. But if you’re like us and are willing to take a leap of faith and get on board the 3-month free trial, let’s begin.

1. Update your software.

Photo 2-7-15 2 46 46 am

To get here, go to Settings –> General –> Software Update.

We can say goodbye to the 4GB major updates (remember iOS 8) and say hello to smaller-sized ones (look, it’s only 218MB!). Alternatively…


If your iPhone is out of space, just plug it into your computer and update it over iTunes (just remember to update your iTunes first). It only takes a few minutes before you’re on your way to setting up your Apple Music account.


2. After updating the software, find the Music app icon.

arrowed Photo 2-7-15 3 30 38 am

It might take you a while to find the app (like it did for me because I thought it would be on the home screen itself), so if you don’t see it after your phone restarts, don’t panic. Check your folders.

I really like the soft coloured gradient for the app, btw. Anyway, you’re presented two options – to start your three-month free trial, or to go check out your music. Don’t worry, they won’t charge you for anything yet, and you don’t have to put a deposit of any sort (eww commitments).


3. Make your choice.

Photo 2-7-15 3 30 44 am

Unless your entire family is as tech-savvy as you (and are on iPhones), we’re gonna assume that you’ll be signing up for the Individual plan. As mentioned, you won’t be charged a single cent, until the 3-month free trial period is over. So when they prompt you to Buy, just click it.

They’ll ask you to submit your Apple ID details.


4. Listen to what you like.

Photo 2-7-15 3 31 32 am Photo 2-7-15 3 33 00 am

Under this tab, you get to pick genres and artists that you like, love and don’t like. So what happens here is that Apple Music will suggest playlists and albums that you might enjoy through your preferences and previous iTunes purchases. It’s pretty intuitive – after I selected the genres I like, artists that I actually do listen to start to appear on the next screen.


4. Ready? Set? Go.

Photo 2-7-15 3 35 55 am Photo 2-7-15 3 36 03 am

Photo 2-7-15 3 36 11 am Photo 2-7-15 3 37 09 am

Go forth, my young Padawan, and enjoy the Apple Music experience. Check out all the features, tab by tab, and you’ll realise it’s actually pretty easy to navigate.

There’s one last step, especially if you’re not sure you’ll be returning to this app after trying it out.


5. Turn off Auto-Renewal.

Photo 2-7-15 2 55 52 pm

While you’re on the Music app, click on the profile icon on the top left, and you should get to this screen (as above). Now from here, click on View Apple ID –> Under “SUBSCRIPTIONS”, select Manage.


Photo 2-7-15 2 56 07 pm Photo 2-7-15 2 56 11 pm

Once you’re here, slide the “Automatic Renewal” option to the left to turn it off.


Photo 2-7-15 2 56 23 pm

Okay, now you’re reaaaally done. And you don’t have to worry about accidentally subscribing when the trial ends. Have fun!