July 9, 2015

There’s a reason why there’s so much hype over these desserts at Dazzling Cafe. Other than them hailing from Taiwan, the land of cute stuff and irresistible street food, they’re just seriously good-looking. Too good to eat perhaps, but you’d definitely want to dig in – but not before taking, oh, just about 50 pictures from 20 different angles.

And guess what, they get it. After waltzing in with the plates, the waiters will conveniently attend to their other duties first, giving you time to compose that perfect square frame, and wait for all your friends to do the same, before coming back to serve the desserts when you’re ready.

We’ll get right to it then. Here are the three top desserts you have to try:

1. Dazzling Classic Honey Toast, $16.90


We can’t even begin to tell you how good this tastes. It certainly looks grand, and that’s because a creamy scoop of Vanilla ice-cream sits atop a sturdy box of custard and toast slices, served with a side of honey drizzle. Each toast slice is fluffy but crisp on the outside, which is the best texture for the other sweet stuff – namely, the honey, ice-cream and soft custard. Just to let you know, the top part of the toast has a layer of butter and sugar too, so you know which part to sneakily push to your plate, if you happen to be sharing this with your friends.

2. Matcha with Azuki Beans Honey Toast, $19.90


This has to be the most spectacular-looking out of the three here. Whenever you’re ready, the server will arrive to slice it up for you, and you’ll find little cubes of toast on the inside, making the whole dessert like a curio box of surprises. Other than the generous amount of whipped cream and matcha sauce, you’ll enjoy the green tea ice-cream and authentic Azuki beans that go nicely with each toast cube.

3. Valrhona Dark Chocolate Waffle, $12.90


Everyone likes waffles, right? And this comes drizzled with Valrhona dark chocolate, served with an optional side of Bailey’s ice-cream (+$2.50). Each waffle petal falls away easily, and doesn’t get too soggy too, while sweet tooths might also like to try adding a mochi filling (+$2). This adds an interesting chewy texture to the dessert, certainly different compared to the multitudes of waffles we’ve tried.

Dazzling Cafe, located at Capitol Piazza, #01-85. Opening hours: Monday – Sunday, 12pm to 8pm. dazzlingdazzling.com