opi colour paints

July 23, 2015

If you update your manicure regularly, the new term you need to know is “blendable nail polish”. Essentially, they’re nail polishes in translucent colours, and this translucency then allows you to mix them to your heart’s content, since the different colours will blend into each other nicely.

OPI has released a whole new range of blendable nail polishes, and the Colour Paints Blendable Nail Lacquer collection is made up of eight summery bright shades and one opaque metallic silver, which is meant to be used as a base colour to bring out the other colours even more. OPI has kindly done a bunch of tutorial videos to bring us step-by-step through each fun nail art idea. The one that has got is the most excited: definitely the water marble nails.


Rainbow Watermarble





OPI Colour Paints Blendable Nail Lacquer, $16 each. Available at Watsons stores. opi.com