July 10, 2015

Unlike Gwyneth Paltrow and Miranda Kerr, two natural beauties and big advocates of organic skincare, we’ll admit, it takes effort to stick to an entirely eco-friendly lifestyle. Even picking a pricier organic cold-pressed juice takes major justification. “It’s good for my body, for the Earth!” you think, only to have your head calculate the price difference and tell you otherwise. Trust Muji to make it look so easy then. No head-splitting decisions here, and no need to proceed with caution either: their organic cotton range is as wholesome as they come.

We don’t mean donning a sustainable but unsavoury sackcloth – think stylish wear made of cotton grown in organic fields, with the same price points as non-organic counterparts. Just listen to the amount of effort it takes: the fields are kept free from harmful artificial chemicals for more than three years, so organic fertiliser is used; instead of pesticides, okra and sunflowers are grown in nearby fields to lure insects away; and the cotton is only plucked after the leaves fall off naturally. This meticulous method accounts for only about one percent of the total amount of cotton produced in the world.

Yet, the Japanese brand makes it unbelievably effortless for us. Pop by a store, or hit the “checkout” button online in minutes. If you’re holding the garment in your hand, you might feel how lightweight the cotton threads are. Muji tells us that their organic cotton yarn is twisted together more tightly, thus minimising contact with the skin when worn so we’re kept cool. That’s a nice added twist – on top of already knowing that these are the most accessible eco-friendly threads around.

Muji Organic Cotton Range, priced from $12.90 for a t-shirt to $59 for denim shorts. Available at all Muji stores including ION Orchard #B4-16, and online at muji.com/sg.