July 13, 2015

We don’t really know when pop-up stores became a thing, but it sure is. Especially in this age of e-commerce. You’ve got your juices, jewellery and handmade items, all touting alluring exclusivity and limited edition items, while it’s a less risky investment compared to a full bricks and mortar store. Sounds pretty clever. Sounds like LINE. Their pop-up store finally returns to Singapore, and we had a first-hand look at the strategic, yet cosy, space at 313@Somerset before the snaking queues started forming. Here’s what went down.

There’s never a dull day with LINE, what with new apps, new features, and new collaborations. And while we’ve seen hilarious Sound Stickers with Paul McCartney’s face and voice, along with extensive lifestyle apps, there’s something old-school about their latest venture. Oh, just a store. Not one with a virtual cart that we click and refresh though – a real one we can see, feel and be in. Loaded with lots and lots of LINE exclusive merchandise.

Definitely, any LINE store wouldn’t be “just a store”, thanks to the sheer amount of products it holds. The one in Singapore, right smack in the middle of 313@Somerset is not exception. You can’t have missed it, due to the large hot air balloon, complete with wicker basket, hovering above the space. Just like the previous one at Wisma Atria last year, LINE’s comeback store is small but packed with all things that appeal to your inner fan, including cuddle dolls, magnets and an almost frightening amount of stationery we don’t need but immediately want.

To amp up the atmosphere, the organisers wisely included a photo zone that was an instant hit for the shoppers. Life-sized cut-outs of LINE character favourites were displayed, and if you’re updated on Instagram and Facebook, you might have spotted many of your friends posing for selfies. Brown and Cony mascots also made appearances over the weekend. While the store wasn’t a permanent one, it does create buzz for the lifestyle brand, while at the same time, appeasing fans who’d love any one of their exclusive collaboration items.

The LINE Friends Pop Store at 313@Somerset Singapore took place from 8 June to 5 July 2015. Permanent stores are located in Korea, Japan and Taiwan. Follow the LINE EVENT Official Account to keep updated on LINE Singapore news announcements and exclusive discounts. line.me


The stuff you don’t need, but you really, really want – all at the LINE pop-up store in Singapore. You’ll feel like you just caught a shiny Pokémon.


LINE x EZ-Link Cards

So exclusive, they’re only available at the LINE Singapore pop-up store. Only true blue Singaporeans would appreciate a kooky hybrid like the Merlion, and a building that looks like it has the Avengers Helicarrier parked on top of it. As these feature designs from the LINE x SG50 Stickers, it’s not too late if you missed them at the store! Download the stickers for free from the app’s Sticker Shop.

Price: $10 each



LINE x Lamy Pens

You might be inspired to get our hands off the keyboard, and hold an actual pen, because of this very adorable one. German-based brand Lamy, known for their quality fountain pens, is behind this limited edition item, and the LINE collaboration is the first tie-up in the brand’s long history. Brown’s unique colour is replicated on its design, while it also comes with two silicon Brown buttons to change up the look.

Price: $62 for the Roller Ball Pen, $88 for the Fountain Pen



LINE x Swarovski Jewellery

We talked about this in January, but it’s worth a revisit. The charm bracelet remains, well, charming, after all this time, and that’s because characters such as Brown and Cony, come studded with dazzling Swarovski crystals. Other bedazzled jewellery include necklaces and charms.

Price: $127 to $158



LINE T-shirts

Your t-shirt and denim skirt days might long be over, but come on, these look so comfy. Wear them at home, or wear them out, and don’t be afraid to publicly confess your love for cute things. That’s brave.

Price: $29 to $46 for t-shirts, $54 for polo t-shirts