July 10, 2015

What’s standing between you and those abs of steel might just be a little muscle stimulation. We didn’t know such a thing was necessary to bring our workout to the next level, but a little device designed by local company Smartmissimo Technologies promises to do everything from boost strength and power, improve endurance levels, and prevent injuries as well as reduce recovery time. Just place the PowerDot on the area you’re working out, such as the biceps or back – it works out 14 muscle groups in total – and it will mimic the brain’s transmission of nerve impulses to your muscles, basically to give them a better workout.

It connects via Bluetooth to iOS/Android smartphones, so you can customise your workout straight from your phone using a selection of preset programs. It’s compact and lightweight, and attaches to the skin via sticky electrode pads so you can wear it under your work outfit, in preparation for hitting the gym during lunch or straight after the workday.


PowerDot, $239. Available at Challenger, Courts and Epicentre stores. getpowerdot.com