July 30, 2015

Dr. Martens has been around for ages and it’s not surprising that they’re always relevant, season after season. Dropping 1700 sq.ft of everybody’s favourite brand of boots from wall to wall at the newly-opened Capitol Piazza is their third and largest store to date. The bigger the better, we say! Furnished with brick walls with fixtures that are true to its british roots which evokes the sense of a classic british boot shop equipped with a 150sq.ft stage in the middle for hosting intimate music sessions and interview sessions from musicians both around the globe and close to home. As music has been such a big part of Dr. Martens, it being associated to the brand’s signature footwear, this platform will cater to and help to grow the music communities that are tied to the brand heritage. Stepping foot onto the stage for the first time ever are local acts like Pleasantry and Gareth Fernandez & the momma shop. We hope to see many more bands on that stage but what we’ll do in the meantime is to pick up another pair of Dr. Martens because there’s no such thing as ‘too many’ when it comes to shoes.

Dr. Martens is located at Capitol Piazza, B1-31, 63841410.