August 31, 2015

There are many types of fans – the kind who’d spend nights and days at the airport for a split-second glimpse of that K-pop star, the fan fiction writers on Tumblr, or the really talked-about ones like a woman who legally changed her name to Mrs Kanye West, and parents of a Bieber fan who spent $624 on a bottle of water that the singer drank from. Yep, that happened.

And then, there are the Hello Kitty fans. You know them – or rather, you definitely can hear them. You might be a closet fanatic, or the one who’s snapping up every form of Hello Kitty accessory on eBay and Carousell. Well, expect some high-pitched squeals because here’s a collection that unabashedly celebrates the famous kitty from Japan, in the form of bright pink Cornell home appliances.


We’ve already seen the pop-up toaster, kettle and sandwich maker, along with the table fan and hair dryer, so these are no surprises. What’s really new is the Hello Kitty Rice Cooker, all cute on the outside, while it holds a functional non-stick removable inner pot for cooking and has energy-saving features courtesy of the reliable household brand. It’s a little on the small side – at 0.4 litres, it barely feeds three – though the magic’s in what you can create with it.


Chef Osamu Takashima of Nigiro Cafe puts it to use by creating a lovely cream stew with Hello Kitty-moulded rice, while he also showed us how to tweak the sandwich maker for a homely apple pie. Really, just think about all the Instagram-worthy bento sets you can make.

Cornell Hello Kitty Rice Cooker, priced at $59.90, while the rest of the appliances range from $39 for a hair dryer to $84 for a kettle. Available at major electronic and department stores.