August 27, 2015

Whether we hear it in lyrics, or we see it on the runway. Music and fashion has always influenced each other, one way or another. Fred Perry’s Autumn/Winter is a great representation of that, combining two british icons into one solid collection of knitted shirts and footwear, celebrating both Frederick John Perry and Jim Marshall.

Both The Fred Perry Shirt and Marshall Amps have one thing in common: Music. While the iconic shirt is deeply rooted in music history due to the appropriation of subcultures over the years, the success of Marshall Amps is always equally as reliant on the music scene.

Adopting the core design details of the Amp and reinventing the Fred Perry Shirts, we see woven piques that replicates the cover material of the JCM amp on the JCM Fret Cloth Shirt. Even little details like the buttons have been taken into consideration, and as such, each shirt is adorned with Marshall Amp’s branded buttons, finished with a gold embroiled Laurel Wreath to match the hardware itself.

Besides their Shirts, their footwear has also been given the Marshall Amp treatment. Whether it’s in black or white, each pair comes with a Marshall Amp branding on the foxing to the heel.

The Fred Perry x Marshall Amplification collection is now available at the Fred Perry Authentic Shop at ION Orchard, #B3-01.